Antique Furniture Restoration in Devon

Xavier Haines - Cabinet Maker and Furniture Restorer

Why choose the bespoke furniture option?

There are many reasons for going down the bespoke furniture route and, surprisingly, it's often nowhere near as expensive as you might think.

Firstly, 'heirloom' pieces – which can be passed on to family and friends, are high quality, handmade pieces that will last your lifetime and beyond. In contrast, buying mass-produced, which are churned out in the thousands will not fit the bill, having neither the quality nor individuality required.

Secondly, there's much satisfaction to be gained with the bespoke furniture route in terms of the ability to commission items that particularly fit your individual requirements. Certainly, if you shun today's buy-it and bin-it mentality, and appreciate employing a local craftsman, then bespoke is guaranteed to ensure great satisfaction.

Buying lovely bespoke items built to last will definitely be smarter than buying mass produced with limited lifespan.

All our bespoke furniture is commission made to your requirements, hand coloured and finished to create the variations in shades that  enables it to sit comfortably alongside original antiques. Modern styles can also be created, and existing furniture styles can be copied. All furniture is delivered by Xavier and he provides a lifetime guarantee on every piece he makes.

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