Antique Furniture Restoration in Devon

Antique Furniture Restoration in Devon

Frequently asked questions

Q - Do I have to bring my own furniture for your one day restoration course?
A - Yes, if you can. It doesn't need to be an antique, anything to practice on will do. It can be from a recycling centre, a modern piece, or something from the house such as a side table, coffee table, chest of drawers, etc. Sometimes I have spare pieces to practice on.

Q - Do I have to bring my own lunch to the courses?
A - Yes, we suggest that you bring a packed lunch. There is also a garden centre round the corner that serves snacks and I supply tea, coffees and home made cake.

Q - Do I need to make an appointment to see you as I once called in and you were not there?
A - I am usually during opening hours opening times but sometimes need to make deliveries or pop into town for something. If you're making a special journey it's probably better to call beforehand and make an appointment.

Q - Will I be able to restore my piece of furniture on your one day restoration course?
A - As there are only three students on each course, I can sometimes give you a hand, but most of the time, if its a large project, you can finish it at home once I have shown you how to do it. Some students choose to come back again to complete the restoration on another day.

Q - Can you do courses just on a one to one basis?
A - Yes courses can be flexible and I sometimes have students working alongside me.

Q - How long would I have to wait if you made me a piece of furniture?
A - Normally three to four months. When busy can be longer. Restoration usually takes ten days to two weeks from the time I pick it up from you. If it's a dining room table that you use daily, I can book it in, pick it up on a Monday and return it on the Friday.

Q - I have some furniture that I reallly like. It was made about 15 years ago and that range has been discontinued. Would you be able to make a sideboard to match it?
A - Yes I can match styles, mountings, colour etc, I usually do a drawing with details of the piece and call round to match the stain and discuss handles etc. Alternatively you can always pop in and see me at the showroom.

Q - I find it difficult to visualise the piece of furniture that I would like made for me.
A - All commissions are drawn to scale so you can see what it will look like on paper with all the details together with a quote. We would probably meet several times at the showroom or at your home to discuss your requirements - information that helps me design your unique piece of furniture.

Q - I see that you do French polishing, I have a dining table that needs repolishing but would like it to have a modern finish.
A - Yes, I have a spray booth and we can apply a modern lacquered finish which is very durable. This process would be followed by a hand wax polish, thus removing the harsh look that laquers can give and leaving a nicely polished hand finish, while retaining a heat resistant, durable finish.

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